Working Dogs

Top Flight K9 is first and foremost a police dog training facility. From narcotics detection to evidence recovery, we can supply your department with whatever k9 needs you have. We have several different police k9 packages that your department can choose from.

Detector Dogs- Top Flight detector dogs are trained to certification levels in all of the following police k9 disciplines: narcotics OR explosive detection, obedience, tracking, and evidence recovery (article searches). Department or agency can select from passive or aggressive response alert and can also specify German shepherd dog, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, or Labrador retriever.

Dual Purpose Dogs- Top Flight dual-purpose k9s have the same talents as our detector dogs in addition to a complete patrol package. A patrol dog performs building and area searches, criminal apprehension, as well as handler protection.  

Patrol Dogs- Top Flight Patrol dogs come ready for certification in building and area searches, criminal apprehension, handler protection, tracking, and obedience.

Green Dogs- Occasionally we will have "green" police k9 candidates for sale.   These dogs have already passed our strenuous tests for police work-we just haven't started training them yet!

Other K9 Services

For the general public, Top Flight K9 offers a variety of services to help you enjoy your dog to the fullest.  

Obedience- nothing can enhance your life like a well-trained family pet, but the opposite is also true. An out of control animal can wreck your home and make life a living hell. We have developed a style of training that helps you to communicate with your dog allows the animal to work for you without appearing to have been forced into submission.

We tailor make our obedience program for each dog we work with. Between you, the owner, and us, the trainer, we can structure a learning experience for your dog that can range from private lessons to in kennel obedience. Dogs with aggression and socialization issues are not excluded from help, and in fact we enjoy the challenge!

Personal Protection- For the dog that has the correct drive and temperament, Top Flight K9 will help you to teach your k9 to protect your home as well as your person in any situation. A personal protection dog is not a danger to society and remains social in everyday life. An out of control animal is not a safe creature and is a danger to society. Please contact Eric at (704) 421-5925 to set up a consultation if you are interested in protection training.

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