Schutzhund/Ringsport Training

Top Flight K9 is not limited to police k9s, we are active in several dog sports as well as members of several working dog clubs. Eric has been certified as a decoy for several ring sports over the last few years. We have titled dogs in French Ring and the now defunct American Street Ring. Top Flight K9 can help you achieve any title in French Ring, Belgian Ring, PSA, or KNPV that you are working towards. In addition to Eric's skills as a decoy, we can offer our assistance with your obedience training and overall coaching.

Eric also works closely with the Fayetteville Schutzhund Club and others sport dogs clubs. The best form of continuing education in dog training is to surround yourself with other trainers and their methods. Eric is a Schutzhund USA helper and can bring out the best in your dog. Whether you simply want to enjoy training your dog or you want to compete on a national level, Top Flight K9 can help you reach your goals.

For the right dog and client, Top Flight K9 will also title dogs for you in the dog sport of your choosing with our in kennel training programs. Clients have the option of either paying outright for the training of their dog OR making monthly payments as their dog works toward his or her titles. Clients also have the right to come visit us anytime to see the progress of their dog and enjoy time with their dog. When clients trust us enough to title their dogs for them, we work as hard as we can to ensure that the process takes no longer than it needs. In other words, we want the titles for your dog just as badly as you do!

Some dogs simply do not have the ability to do the work required by some of the dog sports. Top Flight K9 will test your dog for suitability, please contact Eric to set up an appointment at (704) 421-5925.

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